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I’ve been working on a series of videos aimed at taking a complete newbie through faking almost any straightforward pop/rock/country song in 3 lessons. This is the test of my “get good enough fast enough, and you’ll stick with it longer” theory. My hope is that you’ll be able to take these lessons, learn the basic skills, and open the door to a lifetime of fun with the guitar.

There are really only two fundamentals of faking a song. The first is playing the rhythm (strumming or picking). The second is forming the chords (making shapes on the fretboard). I think the best way to teach skills is in isolation. New players shouldn’t be distracted by complicated chord shapes while learning to strum. If you can learn to play the rhythm, and get a few reps under your fingers, you’ll be ready to add some simple chord work, and voila!

So this video is the first of the three “Fake any Song” lessons. The focus is on open tuning. (It’s really the fourth in a series on tuning – the rest will be coming soon). In my mind, it’s almost a prerequisite to learning the fundamentals of rhythm guitar. It sets you up for success with rhythm, by simplifying what you’ll be doing with your fretboard hand.

Take a look, give it a whirl, and post a comment to let me know what you think!

Update 2/8/10: The practice aid for this lesson can be found here: Practice Aid: Open D Tuning

Look for the rest of the series soon – Lesson 2:How to Strum a Guitar, and Lesson 3: Unlocking I, IV, V

Rock on, my friends!


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