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Howdy! And welcome to 5 Minute Guitar Lessons. I’m Craig Canon, your host. I created this site to provide guitar lessons for folks who want to cut to the chase and have fun playing guitar. I’m working on short, focused videos aimed at helping you master one skill at a time.

There are lots of guitar lesson programs out there. Many try to impress new players with promises of shredding like a rock star, but they’re too technical for new players. People get discouraged and tune out, turning their shiny new axe into an expensive paperweight. By getting you playing actual songs faster than some other programs, my hope is that you’ll enjoy playing guitar more quickly, have fun with it, and stick around long enough to pick up more advanced skills.

Each of our lessons comes with PDF practice aids that reinforce the lesson content and give you reference materials not found in the videos.

So my goal for this site is to bring professional-grade guitar lessons to anyone who wants to learn. Check out the lessons, and post some feedback. I’d love to hear what’s working for you and what’s not so hot.

Look for our 1st video lesson coming soon.

Rock on!


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