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Today’s post is a reminder for me of why I started writing songs…the same reason Robin Williams’ character in “Dead Poets Society” was enthusiastic about poetry – to woo women! Granted, the (young) woman effectively wooed by my lullaby in this video is my daughter.

Some day I may have a more commercial type of success. But even now I can say that at least one of my songs totally hit the mark and connected with my intended audience. This simple lullaby will probably never make the Billboard top 40, but knowing I connected has already given me enough of a taste of success to keep trying.

Whether you’re writing for fun or profit, connecting with your intended audience is one of the most important success factors in songwriting. This is something I try to do with every song – with varying levels of success. 🙂

Have you written something that totally connected with your audience in a way that makes a great memory? Does it give you the drive to keep writing more?

Leave a comment below and let us know how that played out?



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