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Here’s the final installment of how to fake any song in 3 lessons.  Craig shows how to find the root (I Chord), and then identify the IV and V chords of any song, enabling you to fake your way through thousands of country, rock and roll and other popular songs.

I’ve tried to pack as much into these three short lessons as possible to help you pick up the basics of playing guitar as quickly as possible. While it will take some practice for a brand new guitarist to pick up these skills, I think I’ve provided the bare-bones basics of what it takes to fake your way through a whole lot of songs, and have fun doing it.

I know how helpful understanding the concept of I, IV and V was to me when I began to understand music theory. When I grasped it and finally wrapped my brain (and my ears) around the way the chords worked, my ability to pick up songs improved dramatically. Please comment below to let me know what you think.

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In case you lost the links to the other two lessons in the series, here they are again:

Fake Any Song – Lesson One: Open D Tuning

Fake Any Song – Lesson Two: How to Strum A Guitar


And Happy picking!


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